Saturday, March 14, 2009


OK so B day came on Tuesday 10th March- last week! I weighed in and lost 4.5 kgs in the 2 weeks on shakes banding weight was 121kg!!

Didnt get operated on untl about 2-30pm. Was a text book procedure apparently..50 mins of skin to skin contact with the surgeon Dr Doug Nicholson..thats after preperation etc. The worst part was the shoulder pain afterwards that is still there a bit 6 days later.

Been staying at mums to help me with the kids which has been awsome as my man works early mornings and some late nights.

Living on liquids: Been eating pumpkin soup, up and go, sustagan, blended baked beans with melted cheese in it..(havent been to the loo in 6 days!) Its ok, cant wait to sink my teeth into something decent tho!
Crushing the tablets is a mongrel..tastes FOWL

Going to the Coffee Club today with some fellow band buddys! Looking forward to meeting some other ppl. Once girl Tara got banded the same day as me and another Zoe got done 2 days later!


  1. I'm so glad it went without a hitch!!!

  2. Congratulations. Glad to hear you're doing so well. As far as the loo goes, check with your doctor about stool may need it. Welcome Bandster!