Monday, February 16, 2009

In The Begining..

I have never been skinny. Well I have once when I was 18 and lived overseas and lived on very basic meals and travelled by foot rather than cars like we do here, even just to go to the shops!

I have peaked at a size 26 and have been considering lightly the concept of having a lap band for the past 4 years since working with a size 12 girl who was previously a size 22 before banding.She raved to me about how wonderful it was but the thought of spending thousands of dollars just seemed crazy to me as I didnt have private health insurance.

I had my second baby 4 months ago and my 5 year old said to me a few weeks ago "will you always look like that mum?" I said like what babe? and he said "will you always have your fat tummy, you have had the baby now but you are still fat and I want you to look NORMAL like us" NORMAL...huh....I almost died, where did he get this mind set from????

As you can imagine my heart shattered into a million pieces and it made me make a crucial and final decision to get this lard off! So off I went to a lap band info night along with many other obese people, lots much bigger than me, and learnt loads of stuff and met a size 10 girl who's life had changed dramatically since being banded. The $$$ kept springing back until I was told there that you could use superannuation or mediplan (like a loan) if you didnt have all the funds.

2 weeks later I decided to go for it! So now Im awaiting my 2nd appointment to book my surgery date which will prob be about 4 weeks away as I have to go on a low cal diet for 3 weeks prior to shrink my liver first. Usually you would go on a shakes diet for 3 weeks but I am still breasefeeding so I need something a little different.

Watch this space journey is about to begin!!

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